Saturday, May 19, 2012

Blasts for the Past

The following are paintings that I completed a while ago, but forgot about until recently cleaning out my old room. Some were acrylic, some oil. Most, completed during high school!!

 This picture was small (approximately 8" x 8") and was painted for a Rock to Cure fundraiser in college.

 This one is a throwback to a high school art project. 

 Self-portrait, painted in high school. 

 This was a painting I did based on my friend's salvia trip.

This painting was inspired by the Brand New song The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot

This was another painting for my gallery show, which didn't make the cut. 

 This was painted for class in college. It now belongs to Josh. 

 This is one of my absolute favorites!! Painted to represent what I feel are my two character sets (masculine and feminine).

 This is a copy of a Van Gogh painting. 

Finally, This is my self portrait painted for class during college.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I have completed my sketches for the Oneida County Hospital Mural. This project is still moving slowly. The person who commissioned me said the mural still needed to be approved. I just hope things get under way soon. I would like to begin work on it this summer, before I move.
For these sketches, I added the cafeteria equipment that will be present. This is to ensure the mural works with it's surroundings.

Monday, December 21, 2009


Printmaking was one of my favorite classes at SUNY Oneonta, and I wanted to add some diversity to this blog by including images of my prints, excluding the ones previously posted (Echo - Black Bats and What Can't Be Said, I Send To Sea). These were all completed Spring 2009.

Self Portrait, Woodcut, 9" x 11"
Fishing Spot, Woodcut, 11" x 9"

The assignment for this print was to respond to the quote "There is another world, but it is in this one." I was also taking LIT 100 at the time, and had just finished reading Shirley Jackson's The Lottery. I chose to design my print around the idea that the world within this one is the evil within us all.

The First Stone Thrown, Intaglio, 11" x 14"

 Then we were told to take the same idea further, and I designed this...

It's In Our Bones, Collagraph, 22.5" x 19"

New Painting - Sunset

This is a painting I just complete for my mom's office. It's oil on canvas 3' x 4'. My mom works at a hospital, and hung this painting in her office, where it has received several compliments. The hospital director saw it, and asked my mom if I would be willing to paint a mural in the cafeteria. This is something I will definitely be looking in to.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gallery Shows - B Sharp Gallery

At B Sharp Gallery I showed with three other artists, Don Sherwood - Cartoonist, Doug Jamieson - Romantic Realist, and Christine Alexander - Water Color. It was a very different experience from the gallery on campus. First of all, I had to create almost all the pieces in a month and a half before the show, instead of using pieces I made for classes. I also had to think about creating connections in my work, and focus mostly on painting because that is what the director was interested in, and that is what the others were showing. I titled my show Compositions and Characters because I essentially had two groups, compositions (still life) and abstract fish. These are the pieces I included in the show.

Still-life with Chilies (2007) oil on canvas 3' x 4'
This is Still-life with Pears (2007) oil on canvas 3' x 3.5'

Salad (2009) oil on canvas 30" x 22"

Fruit Basket (2009) oil on canvas 26" x 22"

What Can't Be Said, I Send To Sea (2009) collagraph 30" x 14.5"

Lion Fish (2009) oil on canvas 2' x 2'

Angelfish (2009) oil on canvas 2' x 2'

Freshwater Sunfish (2009) oil on canvas 2' x 2'
 Goldfish II  (2009) oil on canvas 2' x 2'

These are some picture of the gallery space. Complete with a candid photo of my mom and her boyfriend.


This painting was also completed for the show, but due to some poor communication between me and the director, it did not make an appearance.

Black Moor (2009) oil on canvas 2' x 2'

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gallery Shows - SUNY Oneonta Juried Art Competition 2009

For the Annual Juried Art Competition at SUNY Oneonta, student are allowed to submit up to three pieces, of any style. Pieces are selected by a jury to be exhibited in the gallery. Teachers at the college are also allowed to submit pieces completed in their classes, which are guaranteed spots in the gallery. I managed to have the following four pieces in the show.

This is an oil on canvas painting, 2' x 2' titled Goldfish. After the show it was sold to the department secretary.

This is a artist book, in a codex style, constructed for my Artist's Books class. It is 81/2" x 11" and titled Grandma's Kitchen Window Cactus Neighbor's Garden Shimmy.
This is another artist book, that was entered in the show by my teacher. It is a sculptural book, approximately 150" x 4" opened, and titled The Sword and the Stone. It won the Sculpture Award, presented by guest jurors Jack Beal and Sondra Freckelton.

Finally is a lino-cut I completed for printmaking. It is 11" x 14" and titled Echo - Black Bats. It was also submitted by the teacher, and won a SUNY Oneonta Bookstore Award.

This was the first show I entered at SUNY Oneonta, and unfortunately, it was also my last because I graduated that May. I was pleased with the exhibition. I was the only student to win two awards, and it got me another gallery show at B-Sharp Gallery in Franklin, NY.


This blog was created as a means of posting images of my artwork, most of which was completed during my undergraduate degree. Enjoy!